Kapsoura is an elegant home fragrance brand specialising in scented candles. It is the manifestation of our love for all things fragrant, vintage, dark and romantic. We had the idea of creating an olfactory experience like no other, to express our inspirations and impart passion for the creative. Our inspirations come from anywhere, a memory, a moment in time, a place, a loved one, or a song, We create every candle with loving intention. Each candle is handcrafted using a coconut soy wax blend, infused with essential & premium fragrance oils designed to take you on an olfactory journey. The subtle scents of Kapsoura candles instantly enhance your space while creating a sense of comfort and elegance.
We locally source our materials and strive to support local businesses while selecting the right materials to produce our creations.
Our aim is to be a sustainable company and do our part for the planet. Our packaging is made up of recycled fibre & sealed with biodegradable water active tape and our candle vessels can be upcycled or recycled, into a vase or a stylish jar to hold makeup brushes, pens, pencils, cotton tips etc.
We pack our candles with biodegradable packing peanuts and vegetable dyed shredded paper.
Everything is created to impart wonder, a sense of quality, and the quiet but evocative message of the handmade. Small is good. Mindfulness does matter. Timelessness rather than trend.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them.
Love & Light,
Kapsoura X