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Imagine walking into a bakery where fresh batches of vanilla buttercream are being prepared. The creamy notes of butter, the warm and comforting scent of vanilla wafts through the air filling your senses with its delightful presence. You're greeted by the sweet and sugary essence, reminiscent of freshly whipped frosting. The aroma is luxurious, with hints of smooth velvety texture. The scent envelops you, creating a sense of comfort and happiness. Your taste buds will be tempted. A true classic that never fails to please.  


Essence of Vanilla buttercream



  • Coconut Soy Wax blend in clear simple elegant and timeless glassware.
  • Composed of an exquisite blend of Australian essential oils & fragrance oils which are phthalate-free and crafted with cotton wicking. 
  • Our 400g glassware is designed to be repurposed. Gently hand wash in warm soapy water and let it live uniquely on.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nicole B.
Omg! ✨️❤️

This has got to be the best smelling vanilla candle I have ever had. This vanilla candle filled my house with the most amazing fragrance, even when it wasn't lit it was present in every room. I'm so thrilled I found this brand at the dark moon expo, and the packaging is so stunning! Just a beautiful candle all around, and loved the cheeky "hello nice to meet you" on the inside lid
So clever! Very happy customer X

Naomi Baker

I’m abit of a candle junkie and these don’t disappoint. The smell is divine 🤍
Very happy thank you!

Kristen Schäfer

Purchased this candle at the market over the weekend, Athea and her daughter Monet are so lovely to chat too. Humble vanilla is so unbelievably delicious! I love vanilla candles, but this one is by far the best vanilla I have ever had! I'm hooked!

Bernice Averion
So delicious!

The scent is so delicious, and really fills out the room when lit. The packaging is beautiful, and would make an excellent gift. Even the matches look good with the white ends, and gives a satisfying snap when sparked. The candle is now resting on display in our home because of how beautiful it is

My whole house smells amazing!

i am absolutely obsessed with humble vanilla! my whole house smells amazing! the packaging was so high quality and luxe.! will definitely be ordering more!